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Some of the best summer memories involve playing in the water, and, at Hearth, Pool and Patio, we’re here to help you create some more favourite moments by giving you the perfect pool to fit your lifestyle. Whether you want a pool to cool off on those scorching days, have some fun in the water with the family, or get some exercise, we’ll help you create the pool you’ve been dreaming of. Plus, we’ll take the stress out of maintenance by offering the chemicals, accessories, and service you need to keep your new pool working optimally. Contact us and start creating your backyard paradise today!

We have the pool you're looking for

We carry the best quality brands to fit your budget and specific requirements. Some of the brands we carry include Atlantic Pools, Zodiac Vogue, and Radiant Pools, which offer options to fit your space and needs, such as above ground, in ground, or semi-inground pools. We also offer pools in a variety of sizes and styles, to make sure your pool is exactly how you always dreamed it would be.

Chemicals and Accessories

Hearth Pool and Patio offers everything you need to help with the maintenance of your pool. We stock the necessary chemicals that are needed to keep your water beautiful and safe for your family to enjoy.

We provide chemicals including, but not limited to:

  • Chlorine pucks
  • Shock Plus
  • Algecide
  • Calcium
  • Alkalinity
  • pH plus and minus
  • cleaning chemicals
  • clarifying agents
Pool and Hot Tub Chemicals for sale Sault


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